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I drove over to Mobile, AL for the annual spring plant sale that was put on by the Mobile Botanical Gardens. 

If you go the evening before the sale you get first pick on the plants. 

I does come with a $25 entrance fee.  Free wine/beer and a really nice layout of finger food.



15 March 2013

Musa Rajapuri is a smaller banana variety that has very large, wide leaves up to 3 feet wide. 

Totally green, wind tolerant plant that yield very sweet fruit.

Hardy up to zone 7b.



15 March 2013

Musa Mekong Giant is from Yunnan China and can grow up to 40 feet tall.

It will produce eatable bananas as well.



15 March 2013

The start of a banana plantation?


04 July 2013

Right after I planted the banana plants we had back to back freezes with terrible winds.

The leaves wilted and fell off, the center plant just fell over.  The roots later sent up these.


25 August 2013

Rain and Miracle Grow spikes



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