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Fruit Trees

I decided on an area of land to the west of the house for the fruit trees



26 January 2013

I found a Fuji apple tree at Tractor Supply (N31.15563 W086.83125)

I have been cutting downed logs into 3 foot lengths and using them by each plant.


19 February 2013

Anna Apple Tree (Tractor Supply (N31.15560 W086.83130)) is an Israeli selection with a remarkably low chill requirement. It is large and has light greenish-yellow skin with a slight red blush. The Anna Apple fruit is sweet, slightly tart, crisp with a creamy white flesh. Anna Apples are a good southern choice for fresh eating, apple sauce, or homemade pies. The trees produce at an early age and the fruit stores very well. Anna Apple trees need only 200-300 chill hours to produce delicious apple that ripen in late June. Pollinator required. Ein Shemer and Dorsett Golden are perfect pollinators for the Anna Apple tree.


20 February 2013

D'ARCY SPICE England 1785 (Trees from Antiquity (N31.15560 W086.83120)) Great flavor in a plain package. Yellowish-green skin, flushed with russet patches surrounds fine, firm crisp flesh with rich, vinous flavor. One of the favorites at our apple tastings.


20 February 2013

PITMASTON PINEAPPLE England, 1785  (Trees from Antiquity (N31.15573 W086.83120)) A small golden nugget, tall and conic in shape, with crisp, yellowish, firm flesh and rich pineapple flavor.  Belongs to a class of old russetted English dessert apples neglected today because of its smaller size.  Very late to break dormancy.



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