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The Shaffer Farm, LLC

Oak Tree by the Settlement House



30 January 2013

While I was in Pensacola a storm came through and knocked over a huge oak tree in the back of the property. 

This 150+ year old tree next to my workshop took a big hit as well.




30 January 2013

This was the smaller of the two branches and it fell right around my 1/3 cord post. 

The big branch fell into the open lawn. 

Could have gone the other way an crushed the workshop.



01 February 2013

Clean up begins.



02 February 2013

Unlike the Excalibur in the stone at Camelot, you will not be king but you will be a lumberjack hero.

The tractor could not lift the main trunk so the neighbor came with his chainsaw to free it.



06 February 2013

I am getting tired of this!



16 June 2013

Another limb fell, so I had it de-limbed.  I hope I left enough for it to survive.




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