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   Pear Trees











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Pear Trees

These trees need to be cut down to size.  Only 1/3 can be taken safely, I missed this year. 

I cut the vines and trees that surrounded each pear tree and then fertilized.

I am feeling their gratitude and love too.



Pear1 (N31.15514 / W086.83087)

about 30 feet tall - Furthest East - 25 March 2012



Pear2 (N31.15539 / W086.83064)

About 30 feet tall - Furthest West - 25 March 2012


The pears are tough skinned and do well without chemicals.  I need to spread fire ant killer under the tree.  They get to a fallen pear quickly and ruin it.  As of 15 August 2012 they have started falling.



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