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The Shaffer Farm, LLC

Ford 8N Tractor

06 November 2011 - Purchased my Ford 8N Tractor from a private person in Semmes AL



The tractor came with a 5 foot bushhog, box grader and lifting bar



06 October 2012

The tractor would not start.  The 10 year old battery checked out better than new, so I took off  the starter and had R&R Starter & Alternator Service take a look at it.  The found the secondary winding shorted and a bad bearing.  It again starts with a touch of the starter button.



10 October 2012

With the tractor running I started clearing an acre of land to plant white clover.  I charged right into the chest high brush and drove a limb through the radiator.  I installed a new radiator and we are back in business.



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