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The Shaffer Farm, LLC

Work Shop

17 March 2013

This is the original homestead built in the early 1930's.  I ran electricity out and am using it as my work shop.  The roof had been partially torn of by hurricane Ivan so there was a lot of replacement of support beams, siding and roof.  The outside was a mix of original siding, barn board and new boards. 

I conned nephews Nicholas and Jace to come out had whitewash the building.  They also conned a friend Blake into helping them.

I wanted to blend in the repairs without making the building look too new.  Whitewash is not a paint.  It is hydrated lime and salt water.  I mixed water with the lime in a big bucket and let it stand over night.  Then I added salt water to the "slake" to a consistency similar to pancake batter.  It does not spread like paint so you slop it on and use the ends of the brush to push it in and around.  When it wears down to a nice weathered look I will use a finish like linseed oil to keep it from weathering any further and preserving the wood.





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