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Wood Stove

The plan is to build a surround for my Napoleon 1450 wood stove.  I used 1 inch high hat furring channels and ripped 2x4s to one inch for the parameter.  I cut small channels for air to flow under the platform.  I used the manufactures recommendation on the distance from the wall and how far to extend in front of the stove.   



18 August 2012


My plan was to lay two layers 1/2' cement board on top.  The cement board did not provide enough support so I put down a layer of OSB.



19 August 2012


I brought up the side to the height of the stove (31 inches), but thought it would provide more heat protection from the walls and look better to add a one foot extension to the top.  I again used one inch furring but only one layer of 1/2" cement board.



19 August 2012



05 September 2012

 Used thinset to lay these ceramic tiles with a 1/4 inch notch trowel and 1/4 inch spacers



For the tile I used 4 cups of water to 10 cups of thinset.

For the rock wall I used 3 cups of water to 8 cups of thinset.



This 10# bag equals 3 & 3/4 dry quarts



01 October 2012

Ran out of thinset & the cement board is showing too much.  Even though this is to simulate dry stack, I will fill large gaps with brown mortar.



06 October 2012

Ready for the wood stove.  The cement board on the tile covers the fresh air hole through the floor.



14 November 2012

I framed in a 14 1/2 inch square 2x4 box in the living room ceiling and screwed a drywall screw up through the roof at the center of the box.  Then I centered the flashing and marked the inside opening with a felt pen.



14 November 2012

At this point I am really hoping I have done this correctly.  You can see the insulation barrier and the round ceiling mount for the triple wall that will come up through the attic and four feet above the roof.



14 November 2012

I slid the flashing with roof sealant under the shingles.  As you can see I started about half way down the cut opening.  I then used roofing nails around the top and down the sides about half way.



14 November 2012

The chimney parts screwed together without any addition support.  I put the weather shield on top of the flashing and use RTV caulk to seal it and the joint to the 3 foot section.  Snapped the cap on and I was done on the roof.



18 November 2012

I burned my first load of wood this evening.  I kept the logs small as the manual says to use small kindling / fires while the fire bricks lose their moisture.



06 February 2013

Finished wood stove, surround and ceiling.



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